Conference Speakers

Todd Kleismit

Executive Director of the Ohio Commission for the U.S. Semiquincentennial

Duane Van Dyke

Architect at Van Dyke Architects

Rob Naylor

Associate Director at Preservation Action

Melinda Huntley

Executive Director of the Ohio Travel Association

Justin Zink

Practice Leader, Cultural Resources at Lawhon & Associates, Inc.

Tara Rose Cassano

Osteologist at Lawhon & Associates, Inc.

Michael Visconage

History Program Director and first Chief Historian for the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Andrew Walsh

Owner of Dayton Vistas

Casey Juday

Project Assistant for the Education and Support Services Department at the State Historic Preservation Office

Mary Delaney

Executive Director at Community Matters

Shane Anderson

Owner of Ghostlight Coffee

Lydia Mihalik

Director of the Ohio Department of Development

Sarah Custer

Project Manager at Dayton Development Coalition

Dana Wiley

Artist at the Dana L. Wiley Gallery

Rebecca Kemper

CEO at Columbus Landmarks

Monica Snow

President at Preservation Dayton

Jason Antonick

Vice President of Corporate & Institutional Banking at PNC Bank

Andrew White

Founder & Creative Director at Indigo Life

John Gower

Urban Design Director for CityWide Development

David Webb

Founder & CEO of The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center

Jim Szekacs

Organizational Program Coordinator at Ohio Arts Council

Kim Turner

Investment Associate & ADA Coordinator at Ohio Arts Council

Chaz O’Neil

Individual Artist Programs & Percent for Art Coordinator at the Ohio Arts Council

Mary McDonald

Mayor of Trotwood

Kristi Tanner

Senior Managing Director at JobsOhio

Chad Downing

Executive Director at Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation

David Williams

Vice President, Development at Cross Street Partners

Daniel Hill

Downtown Development Manager for Royal Oak Downtown Development Authority

Frank Quinn

Director of Preservation at Heritage Ohio

Talon Silverhorn

Cultural Programs Manager at Ohio Department of Natural Resources

W. Kevin Pape

Founder of Gray & Pape

Eva Buttacavoli

Executive Director at The Contemporary Dayton

John Putnam

Director of UniCity

Monet Roberts

Executive Director

Amanda Kight

Senior Project Architect

Annaka Norris

Senior Planner

Jim Gabbert

National Register of Historic Places Reviewer

Laura Woeste

Director of Strategic Projects

Emily Cauzillo

Vice President, Director of Mercantile Community Partners

Janet Hurn

Grow with Google Ohio Digital Coach

John Bry

Main Street Oakland County Program Coordinator

Bridget Anderson

Vice President

Diana Welling

Department Head of the Resource Protection & Review Department & Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

Brent Lane

Senior Executive in Residence at the Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Service

Harvey Miller

Bob and Mary Reusche Chair in Geographic Information Science, Professor of Geography and Director of the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis

Mary Rody

Survey & National Register Reviews Manager

Carrie Simmons

Survey and National Register Technical Specialist in the Inventory and Registration

Abby Marshall

Survey and National Register Manager for Inventory and Registration

Petra Knapp

Survey & National Register Manager

Krista Horrocks

Projects Review Manager of Archaeology for Resource Protection & Review

Graham Kalbli


Ben Levenger


Barb Powers

Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer for Inventory and Registration

Amanda Fuson

Architectural Designer

Melinda Shah


Adam Eltrich

Grants Manager

Diamond Crowder

Underrepresented Communities Survey & National Register Manager

Nathan Bevil

Community Planning & Preservation Manager

Lisa Brownell

Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program Manager

Mariangela Pfister

Department Head and Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer for Technical Preservation Services