Rob Naylor

Rob Naylor

Associate Director at Preservation Action

Rob Naylor is the Associate Director of Preservation Action, the national grassroots lobbying organization for historic preservation. He monitors policy issues, coordinates advocacy efforts, prepares educational materials, and provides policy updates as part of Preservation Action’s Legislative Update. Every year he helps organize the National Historic Preservation Advocacy Week in Washington, D.C. He studied history and political science at Kent State University, where he was first exposed to preservation through efforts to preserve the legacy, history and physical site of the May 4th 1970 shootings. Rob has a deep love and appreciation of the history and preservation efforts in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH.

8:30 am - 9:30 am
The Square - 2nd Floor

Be a Grassroots Advocate for Historic Preservation

Learn more about federal actions that are impacting historic preservation and how you can be involved. Hear the latest on federal preservation advocacy from policy experts, including efforts to enhance the Historic Tax Credit, reauthorize and fund the Historic Preservation Fund, and more. This session will cover policy updates, advocacy strategies, and how you can be an effective advocate for historic resources.