David Webb

David Webb

Founder & CEO of The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center

Several years ago David R. Webb and others decided to find a way to highlight Dayton’s history of the Funk music genre and to honor the legacy of Funk music. The challenge was to gather this local music history and preserve it – in a museum that would become a hall of fame, exhibition center, performance venue and educational outreach to today’s young students. They knew they couldn’t do it alone, so they began bringing supporters of the project together.

Webb, who is now spearheading the development of The Funk Music Hall of & Exhibition Center (aka TheFunkCenter) as its President and CEO, has many interests – but none greater than music. Specifically, Webb has a great interest in this style of music perfected by musicians in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio during the 1960s and 1970s.

In the music industry, Webb has worked as a keyboardist and drummer at a recording studio, as well as a production manager and music talent scout. In talking with Dayton-area Funk musicians, he learned their stories – and how Dayton had been the cradle for Funk. He was intrigued when the musicians told him their history was being lost. Today’s young people, Webb found, are unaware of Dayton’s special place in the history of Funk. He would soon learn that the history of Funk was not represented in existing music museums as a separate genre.

Under Webb’s leadership, a dedicated team is now in place to make the TheFunkCenter a reality.  A committed group of talented volunteers have come together, bringing their talents and extensive professional skills and established a non-profit organization – The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center.

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The Flight of the Funk Center

The Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center is dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of Funk Music. Learn more about the center’s development and Dayton’s rich history of Funk.