Ben Levenger

Ben Levenger


Ben Levenger is an AICP planner and registered landscape architect. He is the president of Downtown Redevelopment Services, LLC, a boutique planning firm specializing in assisting communities through building adaptive re-use and developer-readiness projects throughout the continental United States. He also is a “member-at-large” in the Cleveland section of APA and serves on the membership committee for the Cleveland section of ULI.

11:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Lecture Hall - 3rd Floor

Regional Roadmapping – Integrating History Through Asset Mapping & Programming

Regions and communities each have their distinct assets and amenities. These are the elements that drive visitors from near and far to visit, experience, and become return visitors. Preparing a strategic plan to maximize regional assets and amenities will help counties and regional areas create a “roadmap”, highlighting their unique assets. Through this collaborative process, the regional areas will be able to attract a larger number of visitors, increase the tenure of visits, and drive economic prosperity through collective place making or storytelling. The regional roadmapping will also help identify how each communities unique assets can be leveraged together with their neighbors, providing a logical progression or strategy to link the region together.